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About Us

Our Health and Wellness Mission



We believe that practicing medicine is a privilege. We formed our Company the day after Kendall Jenner was rushed to the Emergency Room upon receiving certain treatments from her vitamin infusion "specialist," and we have seen a few complications locally from similar services. We decided that day that patients deserve better: Our QuickFix mission is to implement and consistently ensure the best medical practices in the field of infusion care.

Experience and Professionalism



With years of experience at Manhattan's top ranked hospital, our medical team will assess you and create a custom recovery plan that's right for you.  Our physicians have treated Kings, Princes, Forbes list members, professional athletes, and celebrities; be assured, however, that all patients are absolutely equivalent in our eyes.  We are excited to meet you and provide the optimal medical treatments to suit your purposes, needs, and requests. 


Why Choose Us



Choose your infusion care with the same standards you would use for any medical care for yourself or your family.  Our physicians achieved honors in medical school, top boards scores, and trained in the most competitive programs. 

  • Top quality sourced vitamins, medications, and supplies
  • Filtered equipment (no potential for dangerous precipitates)
  • Experienced, academic physicians (no trainees or recent graduates)
  • No large, multiuse vials for extensive, repeated use; we value sterility and don't cut corners
  • Proprietary Cum Laude  Migraine Therapy
  • Nurses and Nurse Practitioners from top Academic Hospitals
  • Singular service using real time validated pain scales to monitor your responses and tailor your treatment accordingly
  • Valuation of Privacy as Inviolable Right: We use only secure HIPAA compliant software 
  • Our physicians are published in peer reviewed medical journals such as Jama Oncology, Cell, and JVIR, and are in charge of East Coast Stand Up to Cancer (SU2C) protocols. They have been invited speakers at many prestigious national and international medical conferences, and have pioneered multiple first-in-the world surgical procedures. 

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